Master’s Message, October 2018

My Brethren

Last month we held our Grand Lodge
Appreciation night which had a great turnout of
Grand Lodge officers including the Deputy Grand
Master, District Deputy Grand Masters from
Ottawa District 1 and 2 and a large number of
grand lodge officers, visitors and Acacia lodge

During our meeting the Decons carried a message
from the worshipful master and retrieved a
package containing the apron and past master
jewel worn by W.Bro. Proudman , who served as
the Worshipful Master of Acacia in 1949-1950.
W. Bro. Lillico presented some personal and
Masonic history about W. Bro. Proudman along
with a book containing many biographies of
Acacia Lodge Members which really delivered the
message of how important it is to submit or
update your biographies.

Our guest speaker was Deputy Grand Master
R.W. Bro. David J Cameron who delivered a
speech talking about possible directions that
masonry may take in the future which I found
brought forward some excellent ideas and

This month on our regular meeting we will be
holding a rusty mason night. W. Bro. Sam Roberts
will help sharpen our tools. I am sure we will all
learn something we did not previously know. I
also hope that many Acacia Lodge members can
make it out and if you have missed a few
meetings, months or years I hope this night will
inspire you to attend lodge and re-ignite the flame
that brought you into masonry.

I look forward to seeing you in lodge.

Stephen Plummer
Worshipful Master

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