Master’s Message, November 2020

My Brethren,

I would like to thank everyone for making the time to
join our monthly virtual meetings, and for keeping
masonry in your hearts. While the isolation imposed by
social distancing can be disheartening, I am glad to see
everyone online and to hear your voices.

Thanks are due to W.Bro. Lillico for his historical
presentation last month on life in 1920, and also to those
of you who reached out to the Brethren who missed the
last get together.

November is usually a special month for us, and the time
when we recognize those members of Acacia who have
served both in war and in peacetime. Sadly, we have to
add our Empty Chair Ceremony to the list of traditions
we must forego this year.

It was proposed recently that we make a donation to the
Men’s Mission. We were unable to hire them for GLAN
this year, and will not be able to help them with work at
DD Night. W. Bro. Lillico advises that our finances
should be strong enough to support a donation since our
budget for Festive Boards is going untouched.

Since our last meeting, we received a note from W.Bro.
David Brown on behalf of the Temple Board. The
renovations to the basement at Westboro have not yet
been completed, and the space could be a significant
source of revenue once Covid restrictions are lifted.
While no work can be undertaken immediately, it would
appear that the Temple Board will be seeking financial
support to finish the project.

In closing, I would like to call upon anyone with ideas for
Masonic education or related topics to get in touch. It
was a consensus at the September meeting that regular
talks are of interest, so I would like to fill up a schedule
of topics and speakers.

I look forward to seeing and hearing you on-line, and
hope that we will soon be able to meet again in-person.
As always, if you need any assistance, please let any
Lodge officer know.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Donald Learning

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