Master’s Message, May 2019

My Brethren,
During our April regular meeting we elected the
Worshipful Master and Officers for the ensuing
Masonic year. The following week at our
Emergent meeting we held a step-up night where
the Worshipful Master Elect and his Officers
proved their proficiency. I must say that it appears
the ensuing Masonic year is going to be
memorable as the Worshipful Master Elect and his
Officers have shown much enthusiasm for their
new rolls.
Last May I was very humbled to be elected as your
Master for the 2018/ 2019 Masonic year and proud
to sit at the East. I must also thank every one of
you who assisted me over the last 12 months. I
never had to look far when I had a question or
needed someone to help. I believe this is a
testament to our Fraternity and to our Lodge.
As my year as Worshipful Master is coming to a
close I can only look back at the last 12 months
that passed in what seems like the blink of an eye,
I am very proud of how the year went. We were
fortunate to always have had a good turnout at our
meetings and received visitors from all over the
world. At each meeting I would look around the
Lodge where I would see many friendly faces that
I am proud to call my Brother.
I wish the incoming Master and his officers much
success at his installation and for his upcoming
year in the East.
W.Bro. Stephen Plummer
Worshipful Master.

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