Master’s Message, March 2020

My Brethren,

Time flies and our Centennial Celebration is upon us. On Saturday, March 14 we will be gathering at Tudor Hall with the Grand Master, Grand Lodge Officers, and 3 other Lodges for our combined Silver-to-Gold Ceremony. The Lodge will tyle at 1 pm.

The Ceremony will be conducted as an emergent meeting with Sydney Albert Luke as the host lodge. They will do the opening/closing, and Grand Lodge will conduct the Silver-to-Gold portion.

Our Grand Historian, RW Bro. Mike Jenkyns, will be giving a short presentation on the history of the 4 Lodges over the past 100 years. After closing the lodge, those who have booked a reservation will return at 6 pm. for our Banquet and Dance.

Brethren, even if you do not plan to attend the Banquet, please make an effort to come to the Lodge portion of the day. Many fine men have gone before us, and this is Acacia’s chance to recognize and celebrate the 100 Years we’ve devoted to Freemasonry.

The dress for the lodge meeting will be white tie for Grand Lodge Officers, Tuxedo for Lodge Officers, and dark business suit for all others. Tuxedo can be worn at the Banquet, if you wish, to complement the Ladies.

Silver aprons are to be worn for the Centennial Lodge Meeting. Our first occasion to wear the gold ones will be at our Regular Meeting on March 17. Work on the Acacia centennial challenge coins by W.Bro. Harrison and Bro. Perkins continues. We hope to have the coins ready for distribution before the end of the masonic year.

In addition to the Centennial Lodge on the 14th, our Regular Lodge meeting will go ahead as normally scheduled on Tuesday, (March 17). It will be a short meeting with regular business, a small piece of Masonic Education, and fellowship afterwards.

I hope you share my excitement at seeing you on the 14th for the ceremony, to your fellowship at the Banquet, and to our next 100 years together as Brothers!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Donald Learning
Worshipful Master


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