Master’s Message, January 2019

My Brethren,
Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had
time to be around and end enjoy the company of
family and friends over the holiday season. It is a
very busy time of year for many of us but also a
time to reflect on the past and set goals for the
While we conducted the business of our regular
December meeting in the Lodge Room our family
and friends were in the banquet hall below having
a great time, we joined them after a very brief
meeting. It was great to see such a large group of
friendly and familiar faces, judging by all the
smiles and laughter everyone had a great evening.
W.Bro Dave Gravel arrived after our meeting to
share that on his way into the lodge he came across
a woman who had fallen to the ground with pain.
Dave called 911 and remained with her and
comforted her until help arrived. It is believed that
she may have had a heart attack. The paramedics
were thankful for the complete strangers who came
to her aid. I would like to thank Dave for making a
huge difference and likely helping to save her life.
Our January meeting is always a special one as we
welcome our District Deputy Grand Master into
our lodge on his official visit. The night will be
memorable and as always we will be having the
Acacia Lodge roll call followed by a second
Brethren I look forward to seeing you all in the
New Year.
W. Bro. Stephen Plummer

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