Master’s Message, April 2021

My Brethren,

Thank-you all for attending last month’s virtual meeting
and for welcoming both our Grand Lodge visitors and
the delegation from Edinburgh Lodge.
Since we cannot do our traditional Travelling Gavel this
year, it might be worth paying a virtual fraternal visit
next month. We could don attire appropriate for a
Lodge meeting, and reaffirm our bonds within the

I’ve received great feedback on last month’s presentation
by Bro. Kidd. Based on the discussion it provoked, Bro.
Kidd touched a nerve. Hopefully we can use what he
taught in our post-pandemic fervour for travel.
Like many of you, I was shocked to learn of the recent
arson attacks on Lodges in Vancouver. While rare, these
things give pause as to what could happen while we are
peacefully gathered upstairs at Westboro.
The Tyler’s role has an importance beyond simply
minding the Register, and his sword represents a
vigilance he keeps for our benefit. When we gather again
in person, it might be worth considering if the
downstairs door should be locked while we are at work
in the Lodge room.

W.Bro. Harrison has passed along material from Grand
Lodge which I hope you have had the chance to review.
It remains to be determined what we can do at the Lodge
level for elections.

There are only a few items of silver lodge regalia
remaining, so if you are looking for an Acacia souvenir,
the cost is a mere $25. Please contact W.Bro. Harrison if
you are interested.

As always, my thanks are due to all of you for
maintaining your interest in Masonry. Since we can’t do
ritual during the shutdown, I will only ask that you
consider completing your biography, if you haven’t
already done so.

In closing, I have to say that these days when I put on a
mask I remember my initiation and the lesson wherein I
was “taught to be cautious.”

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Donald Learning
Worshipful Master

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