Master’s Message, April 2019

My Brethren,
We are now truly into the spring season, warmer
temperatures are welcome after the long cold
winter we had here in Ottawa.Our March regular
meeting was another enjoyable night. As I sat in
the East I always appreciate a full Lodge room
with many Acacia Lodge members. There were
also a large number of visitors including a visitor
from Nickel Lodge in Sudbury as well Bro. Brad
Landers from Doric Lodge. Bro. Landers was
recently raised to the degree of a Master Mason
and the apron he wore belonged to his great
grandfather Bro. Howard Orr who was a member
of Acacia Lodge.The work of our regular meeting
was Masonic education where W. Bro. Doug
Campbell, R.W. Bro. Burchill and R.W. Bro.
Jenkyns presented pieces of education that were
well received and inspirational.
The night ended with many remaining for the
festive board where R.W. Bro. Jenkyns read a
Masonic poem. Brethren remained long after the
food was gone to enjoy some fellowship.
Two nights later a very large group of Acacia
Lodge members assisted me with delivering the
travelling gavel to Mississippi Lodge in Almonte
where we were treated to a packed Lodge room
and witnessed a worthy brother being passed to the
second degree.
Our April regular meeting is an important one as it
is election night for the 2019/2020 Masonic year.
We will also be having step up night on our
emergent meeting. I hope you are able to make it
out to both to cast your vote and watch the
proficiency of next year’s Lodge Officers. Should
you require transportation please contact myself or
the Secretary and we can help make arrangements.
W.Bro. Stephen Plummer


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